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Skin Rash On Kids

Your  Kid  has   a  rash ?   Where  did the rash  start  ? is it itchy ?  What  color is it ?  Does  he/her have  enlarged   lymph  gland ?  Learn the  how  to diagnose  the   most   common  kids  rashes , Measles, Chicken pox,  Rubella, Rubeolla and  more..

FeverItchyThe lesionLocationDurationAdditional signs
MeaslesYesMinimalFlat pink and then redFirst the face and
then the chest belly
and feet
4-7 daysBefore the rash
there is cough
and "red eyes"
RubellaYesNoFlat and redface and then truck and limbs 2-4 daysSwollen lymphs glands behind the years.
In older kids -
sometimes joint pains.
RubeollaYesNousually flat and pink, maybe sometimes a bit rough to the touchFirst the trunk and
then arms and neck. Minimal on face and feet.
1-2 daysStart with high temperature (fever) .
The rash appears
after the rash subsides.
Scarlet feverYesNoFlat, red , rough to the touch.First the face and then the elbows. Spreads rapidly in 24 hours to the rest of the body. 5-7 daysSore throat and then desquamation of skin
on the pals of the hands.
Fifth DiseaseNoNoFlat, Red, Lace like.Looks like a "slapped cheek" The rash can appear and disappear again during the disease. First the face, and then
teh rest of the body
Chicken PoxYesYesFlat red and then vesicles and crustscan start anywhere - Limbs , trunk, face, scalp/ 4-10 days The lesions start as
flat papules and than transform into vesicles
and crusts
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