New iPhone applications help tracking suspicious moles !!


The increasing risk of melanoma is  well known. It  is  also  well known  that early  excision of the Melanoma  saves lives. New moles  or  change in existing moles are some of the more important alert signs. Change the size, color, margins, symmetry or itching or bleeding are suspicious events that require a doctor to diagnose and remove these skin lesions.

Till now  it was  very difficult  to  track all the moles on our  bodies  and  remember them. A  few new iphone applications assit us in  sorting  and keeping  track of a large amount of suspicious moles.

The first new application for the iPhone called Skin Scanner ™.
The application that costs only 99 cents allows us to mark the location of the skin lesion on a body illustartion and photograph it. The application automatically adds the date and allows comparison of the photograph taken now with  another photograph of the same lesion we  will take in the future.

The application includes a warning system to remind us to take  a follow up picture , and an easy option to send the photo directly by email to our doctor. You can also use it  to track moles in a number of people simultaneously.

A second application helps to diagnose the risk of our moles.

This app  called  MelApp ™ , uses a mathematical algorithm and the ABCDE method to help us identify suspicious moles. The application costs $ 1.99.

This application works in two ways.

Manual method in which we photograph the assessment and define the risk factors for ourselves:

A Asymmetry   
B Border
C Color
D Diameter
E Evolution

A Asymmetry
Asymmetry – Does the right side of the same mole similar to the left half ?
Is the top half similar to the bottom half ?

B Border
Margins – Are the margins round, smooth or jagged?

C Color
Color – Is the color is very dark (black?), Are there a number of different colors the mole? (Light brown – dark brown – white – pink)?

D Diameter
Diameter – is the mole diameter larger of 5 mm?

E Evolution
No change = the mole is present  for many years and has grown slowly with the body.

Change is slow = mole that appeared several years ago and has grown slowly.
Rapid change = mole that changes rapidly in recent months.

Semi-automatic evaluation:

In this method we need to manually assess only the diameter of the mole and the speed of change.
These data together  with photograph of the mole are sent over the Internet to the server of the company where they are compared with a computerized database and an automatic assessment is performed and  sent to us .

Should you purchase the apps?

Although both applications do not replace a doctor’s examination of skin they are interesting and important tools that can enhance our ability to monitor worrisome moles. The two applications complement each other. The first allows  to  record the  exact  picture  of the  mole , in a certain  date and keep  track of its form.  The second helps us evaluate the risk and the need to be tested.

In conclusion –  high value  for  a low price . Highly recommended ….

Skin Scanner ™      MelApp ™

Other recommended iPhone Apps:

for  melanoma and skin cancer early detection. 


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