Athlet’s Feet Treatment And Prevention Are Possible


Athletes Feet Treatment And Prevention-

Fungus infections between the toes are very common, particularly in hot countries.  The warmth and moisture produced (between the fourth and fifth toes especially) provide an ideal environment for the development of fungi.They multiply and cause itching, maceration of the skin (the outer layer of the skin absorbs water, turns white and sloughs off); later, painful cracks appear.

Continued wearing of rubber-soled shoes or heavy boots increases the risk of this type of infection.  If left untreated it may spread to the soles of the feet and to the toenails.  Cracks between the toes can provide a source of bacteria which cause a serious skin infection called erysipelas.  Treating this disease in its early stage is simple.  For fifteen minutes every evening, the feet should be soaked in a basin of hot water to which a disinfectant soap containing iodine has been added.

After the feet have been thoroughly dried, a fungicidal cream or ointment should be applied to the soles of the feet and between the toes.  There are many such preparations on the market today, including Agispor, Cicloderm and Myco Hermal.  Treatment should be continued for two to three weeks after the symptoms have disappeared.

Prevent Reinfection-

To prevent reinfection, the feet should be exposed to the air as often as possible.  Cotton socks are preferable; shoes with leather soles (in which the feet perspire less) or sandals should be worn.  Wash the feet often and dust them with talc to absorb perspiration.

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